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A detailed and accurate survey is the is the first and most important step in any architectural project. Buildings often look straight to the eye, but believe us, they are often not! A reliable survey provides vital information such as levels, accuracy of surfaces, existing surfaces etc, all of which are essential elements when carrying out feasibility studies of proposals.

  • As built plans 'existing' (essential for general records, boundaries, structural proposals & planning applications)

  • BIM- Building Information Modelling 

  • Elevations- ( ideal for shop frontage alterations, signage applications etc) 

  • Topographic Surveys (required for understanding the levels of the site) 

  • Services (External) and Internal for example trenches , lighting plans, ventilation runs, ceiling frames etc.

  • Drainage (Marking laid drainage routes assist many builders with new services to a property. 

  • Setting datum points (How high is the screed to be poured to? This assists the contractor to pinpoint low spots in the concrete)

  • Floor Surveys, essential before tiling (helps pinpoint low spots where latex may be required to create a perfect level floor, assists in quantifying adhesives).

  • Tree heights within 250m (Trees left undamaged can cause problems to properties. A simple survey to show a trees position and height can be helpful to assist planning applications).

  • Layouts as per AutoCAD plans (architectural plans can be uploaded to our machine and transferred to the site to assist contractors, garden walls, boundaries, fences etc.

Surveying Continued: History
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