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Conceptual Homes Ltd building portfolio

The following properties are current projects or  what we have designed and built over the last 8 years.

Holly View- 9a Alington Road, Sandbanks

8 Branksome Dene Road, Poole

340 Sandbanks Road, Sandbanks

Surfari, Swanange

Sunnyside Terrace, Lulworth

31 Southwestern Crescent,

1 Potters Way, Lower Parkstone

Whitecliff, Sandford

31 Miles Avenue, 

23 Miles Avenue

11 Branksome Dene Road, Poole

Herston Reading Room, Swanage

40 Corfe Road, Stoborough

Goodens Farm, Stoborough

Partridge Drive, Liliput

Conceptual Homes Ltd building portfolio: Welcome
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